Kelly Austin

Hi, I'm Kelly Austin. Welcome to Take Five CI.

As the founder of Take Five CI, I am passionate about helping small to medium-size companies strive towards and become excellent in whatever their chosen product or service is. After 25+ years of business experience, fourteen of those years focusing on continuous improvement (CI) of some form, I have experienced the incredible power of CI when implemented in a structured method. It's a game-changer, as well as a cultural weapon whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500.

I started my continuous improvement career in the late 80's in a small manufacturing company with 140 employees (before it was called continuous improvement).  That company went on to incredible  growth and was eventually sold.  After many years of CI experience, in 2014 I left a Fortune 350 company to start Take Five.  I teamed up with two partners with over 50 years of combined CI experience to pursue my passion; because I know without a doubt that if every company (large or small) knew how to infiltrate their culture with CI thinking and action, experiencing firsthand the power of even a few quick wins, they would commit to CI immediately and never look back.

My partners and I have diverse experiences; we have walked different paths in the last 25 years from small business to large business, entrepreneurship, and the armed services, manufacturing, sales, quality, finance, engineering, education, training. Yet we share one thing in common, a passion to provide CI knowledge and experience in a simple, results-oriented and economical format for small to medium-size businesses. CI isn't rocket science, but it does take commitment. At Take Five CI, we understand exactly what it takes to implement CI effectively and are here to help you every step of the way.


To build in-house continuous improvement
capabilities* for small to medium-size companies.


To provide access to training, tools and resources for your company's specific CI needs in order to build your army of engaged, problem solvers to meet or exceed company goals year after year.


We make it simple and clear enabling companies to build their own in-house CI muscle, so you won't need us anymore.

*In-House (Internal) CI Capabilities?

teamIt’s everyone, everyday pulling in the same direction making improvements to increase your customer satisfaction.  This is achieved through involved, capable leadership who model and coach continuous improvement behaviors to develop high-performing employees who, in turn, proactively take action to satisfy internal and external customers.