CI for Companies

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When beginning your continuous improvement (CI) journey, one size does not fit all. It’s important to have a game plan for CI, however the plan needs to be specific to your company.

Take Five CI begins by working with you to create a roadmap unique to your company for effective CI implementation through:

    1) assessing your current strategy and resources
    2) determining the most effective use of CI to meet your company objectives
    3) putting your plan into action for measurable results

We’ve been on this trip many times, so we point out the potholes and provide expertise, tools and resources to help your company navigate the rough terrain. Based on where you are currently and where you are planning to go, your company can “ala carte” training, tools, resources and coaching per your CI roadmap. We work alongside you, as needed, with a methodic plan of action to help your company gain momentum and increase CI disciples across your organization until . . . you don’t need us anymore.

Take Five CI helps you build in-house capabilities; an army of problem solvers. If you are interested in adding value for your customer, adding value to your employees, and gaining greater prosperity for stakeholders, contact us today or at the latest within a week.

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