CI for Employees


If leadership is the heart of your CI initiative, your team (employees) are the legs. At Take Five CI we are dedicated practitioners of the principle, “everyone, everyday”. CI isn’t about a few people in your company “doing” CI. It’s about a common language, a common thought process, and a common method to solve problems; the language, thinking, and problem solving are used everyday, by everyone in your company.

We believe everyone in your company should understand the foundation of CI if you’re serious about it. Our CI Capability Plan expands your company’s foundation while growing skills that can be used immediately:

    Training: 30-90 minute modules on specific knowledge needed in order to take effective action
    Planned Application: apply new knowledge within tight timeframes of training
    Coaching: Take Five’s unique approach to embed any new skill for everyday use

In order to develop your internal army of problem solvers, call us today for further details on our CI Capability Plan.

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